Monday, December 5, 2011


We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year! It was especially nice to have the help of both of our daughters in the preparation and cooking of dinner. We also had great help from our extended family in bringing themselves along with some very yummy side dishes and dessert! I love to have family gather for the holidays! This year we celebrated with some of John's side of the family. We missed Brad & Steve's families, but were grateful to have Ross' family and John's mom here.

The girls thought it would be fun to make homemade rolls this year (instead of Rhodes), so here they are rising on the counter. Sorry all you see is them covered, but you can at least see we made LOTS of them. We also had raspberry honey butter to eat on our hot rolls. YUM!

My favorite part of the meal prep is that Holly agreed to cut the turkey off the bones. I am most grateful for this as this is my least favorite part of making the dinner, since I don't like turkey and won't eat it! She even convinced Heather to help by trimming the meat up after she got it off of Bob (that's what she named our turkey this year).

Ross, Grandma, Holly, Heather, and Brian after finishing their dinner.
The other side of the table consisted of me (not pictured) John, Michelle, and Nyla.

A full stomach will make you do funny things. Michelle showing us what her Dad would look like with hair. He is such a good sport.

Enjoying each other's company!

Ross Wellington family minus Michael. We missed you Michael!
Heather and Holly lounging after helping me so much!

Brian waiting for dinner to settle so there would be room for dessert.

John, being his usual crazy self when a camera is in the room!

Our family has much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season! John has been blessed through 2 major and 2 minor surgeries. (his eye is red from his latest - a procedure on his eye). Nancy has been blessed with patience, love, and support by many while helping John. Holly has been blessed with many tender mercies and small miracles in her move back to Utah. We are all blessed to have her back and closer to us! Heather and Brian are in the process of finishing the basement of their home and living in limited space while doing it. The remodel is coming along nicely - thanks to Brian and his Dad. Heather has graduated from the Paul Mitchell school and blesses all of us with her new talents! Most importantly, we are all blessed to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and recognize His influence in our lives! We enjoy the blessings of the temple which bind our family together forever and we strive to be worthy of this blessing. Our blessings are so numerous it would be impossible to list them all. It is good to have a time of year set aside for thinking of ALL we have been blessed with throughout the year! We hope you had a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!!

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