Friday, October 14, 2011

October Family Reunion

It has been tradition, since I left home, to go back to Idaho at October Conference time and get potatoes. After having the good, fresh from the field potatoes, it is really hard to go without them! The potatoes you buy in the store are so small and you have to peel half a bag to have enough to make mashed potatoes. I would much rather just peel a few really big ones!! This conference time was no exception and even a lot more fun. David and Claudia came from California this year for David's 40th missionary reunion - had to put that in so you would know how old he is - :) On Saturday morning, we rode up to Idaho with them and met Sandra, Grant, and Barbara at the cellar that Keith works at. We are so grateful to Keith and Driscoll farms for letting us get potatoes every year. Several of Keith and Pam's children were there and we met up with them as well. After getting the potatoes, several of us rode into Aberdeen to go to the cemetery. We don't often get to visit the grave site of my parents so we took this opportunity. It is very different going to harvest since my parents passed away. My Dad loved the harvest! NEEDLESS TO SAY - WE MISS THEM VERY MUCH! After our visit to Aberdeen, we headed back to American Falls to Keith and Pam's house where we met up with Betsy, Russ and their kids and everyone else for dinner. This is the first time that all my siblings have been together since my parents passed away. It felt good to be together - we need to do it more often!!!! (we should have taken some group pictures - what were we thinking!) We celebrated Megan and TJ's daughter, Lily's, Birthday. The guys went to Priesthood meeting and the girls stayed and did what we are good at - chatting. Uncle Alan and Aunt Julia came. It was wonderful to see them again! Thank you Keith and Pam for hosting such a big crowd! I am grateful for all my brothers and sisters. I miss those who aren't with us now, but look forward to the day when we will all be together again. Meanwhile, I will enjoy those that are still here and continue to make memories with them. The Lord has truly BLESSED me with a very WONDERFUL FAMILY!!

(sorry I don't have pictures of everyone who was there, but I did manage to get a few. Keith was always in the other room when I had my camera out. I did get him in some harvest video that I will try to add as soon as I figure out how)

Tiffany Barrus Riggs and Emily Warner
John Wellington & Russ Barrus
Annie Warner
(getting ready to put us to shame by running after dinner)
Steven Warner
A most charming picture of me and Uncle Alan
Pam Warner
Grant Cannon and David & Claudia Warner
Aunt Julia
Uncle Alan
Amanda Barrus, Tiffany Barrus Riggs, & Nicholas Barrus

Claudia Warner
David Warner
Sandra Warner Cannon
Barbara Warner Daniels
Betsy Warner Barrus