Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Adventures in Babysitting

On Mondays I get to watch Dustin & Annie's boys, Nic & Nate, while Annie participates in a bowling league. I have been doing this for several years. When Annie started watching Michelle's little girl on Mondays, I got to watch Izzy as well. We have a great time! On Fridays, I watch Izzy while her mom works. I love being around these cute kids! Some days are more exciting than others, but we always manage to have some fun. They wear me out most days, but it is so fun to watch their faces while they play or watch their favorite shows on TV. Who knew that I would be watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street at my age! I can also play dinosaurs with the best of them. (Just don't ask me to tell you what they all are. I can name a few but that's it) We play pirates, patty cake, peek-a-boo, firemen, and just about anything else they think sounds fun. Sometimes we build lego houses for our cars or dinosaurs. We go on walks to find pinecones, play paddle ball, blow bubbles, play in the dirt, and draw on the sidewalks with chalk when the weather is nice. On special days, like birthdays, we have a party and get to open a present that stays at my house so they will have something new to play with. On banker holidays that fall on Monday, like Columbus Day, we have been known to meet at the zoo and have fun there with Uncle John.

This is a fun time for me and helps me feel close to my sister, Mary Jane. She passed away when she was 32 and her children were young. I miss her terribly, but find comfort in watching her grandchildren. It is also preparing me for when I have grandchildren of my own. (whenever that happens) I love all their hugs and expressions of affection. It cheers my heart and warms my soul!

Isabelle Louise Smith (last summer)

Izzy on her 1st zoo outing with us.
Columbus Day 2009

Nicholas Emerson Baxter riding the tiger on the carousel at the zoo.

Nathan Scott Baxter riding on a panda on the carousel.

Posing on the tiger and cub with Holly.

Izzy celebrating her 1st birthday at my house. She's loving her cupcake!

Nate & Nic posing with Izzy.

The box to her present was pretty fun!

Finally, a new girl toy!

She still likes playing with the dinosaurs or any thing else Nic or Nate are playing with at the time. I'm not sure if she is doing this to bug them or just to be near them. They are generally very cute with her and only get upset if she tears apart what they are playing with.

Nate showing off his muscles! He was in rare form on this visit.

Izzy took her first steps at my house. She was ready for quite a while, but just seemed a little nervous to try. If you tried to get her to stand in the middle of the floor she would immediately drop to her fanny and then crawl. For whatever reason on the day she started walking, she decided she could stand on her own and with minimal coaxing would walk to me. I could even tell her to walk to the sofa from me and she would. She was so ready. It was so cute when she walked to her mom when she came to pick her up. This video is not her 1st steps, but about a week later.

As you can tell from this post, I think these kids are pretty neat. I have many cute great nieces and great nephews. It is so fun to watch all these kids grow. I love being from a close extended family and enjoy spending time with all my family. Thanks to all my nieces and nephews for letting me get to know their children at our family gatherings. You are all such awesome parents!