Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I think updating blogs is a hard thing to keep on top of. I seldom remember to take pictures at events and even forgot to take my camera on our two trips to Arizona this summer. The end of July we went to Arizona twice. Once to find an apartment for Holly and a week later to move her into her new apartment in Tempe. That was hard for me to have her move so far away, but she seems to be doing really well and adjusting to the one season of Arizona. HOT! When we went to move her, we stopped in St. George and went to see TARZAN at Touahcan. It was incredible! I really enjoyed that part of the trip. We will have to go there again. Holly is working at a rehab center in Scottsdale for her clinical fellowship year. She is keeping really busy.

Heather and Brian finished the remodel of their house and our now officially landlords. They rented out their house the 1st of November and they moved to an apartment in Provo to be closer to Heather's school and Brian's work. Their house looked incredible! They put in so much hard work. Hopefully their tenants will take good care of the place.

John and I have been getting used to being empty-nesters and enjoying our time together. We have found that we really do like being together and doing things together. We helped both girls with their moves and marvel at what fine individuals they are! We sure feel blessed to have such wonderful children (and a wonderful son-in-law too)!!

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Holly will be home the weekend after Thanksgiving so we will be celebrating then and she will be home again for Christmas. I am so glad that we get to spend time with our girls during the holidays! We will soon be putting up the outside Christmas Lights and it won't be long until the inside decorations are donned. (Thanksgiving) I love the holidays and the cheery atmosphere that they bring. It has been a beautiful fall season and winter has tried to creep in - snow will soon be sticking to the ground.

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures during the holidays and will post more then. I sure love my family and extended family and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!