Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the tree came TUMBLING down!

No we weren't pulling a Clark Griswold and trying to fit this tree into our house to be our old- fashioned Wellington Family Christmas Tree!

On December 1st we awoke to horrible winds and this outside our house. We have worried for a while about this pine tree and prayed that if it fell it wouldn't fall on our house. We are grateful it fell in the perfect way so that no cars or homes were injured in it's collapse! Most of the street was blocked by this tree. One car could barely squeeze by it at the top of the tree.

Because it was blocking the street, the county would move it out of the way (which happened to be on our front yard) and then the owner of the tree would have to take care of the rest. Our cute neighbors were quite worried that we would be unhappy with them and kept apologizing for the inconvenience. It was kind of freaky when they were moving the tree, as I was looking out the window and suddenly saw the tree coming toward our house. I could not see the front end loader that was pushing it. For a minute I thought the wind was blowing it toward our house, until I heard the beeping of the machine backing up. Then I could see it!

Hui arranged for a neighbor and his friend to remove the tree. They took care of it the next day.

Hui's mom helped load the trailer. When they took they trailer away it reminded me of the sleigh after it was filled by the Grinch that stole Christmas.

We had warm front row seats to watch from as they cut the tree apart to haul it away.

Izzy was quite intrigued by all the action.

Soon they had the tree gone and now the street looks quite bare without it. We had several trees fall in the neighborhood from the strong winds. It was a storm that did a lot of damage, especially in Davis County. We feel blessed that no one in our neighborhood was hurt from the falling trees and high winds.

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