Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

On Thanksgiving weekend, it is tradition for us to get the upstairs Christmas decorations up. The lights outside are done on Veteran's Day (a day John has off) and are turned on Thanksgiving night. The downstairs decorations are put up before Thanksgiving. I like them up early so I can enjoy the Holiday Season. I was excited to do the tree while Holly was home for the weekend and could help. John and Holly had to get some work done on Holly's car, so I got started without them.

The tree in progress!

The family claims I am way to picky about where the ornaments go and that I will just change them after they put them on the tree. I try to explain that I move some of my ornaments as well because I will find a place where it would look better or we need more color in a certain area, but they love to tease me none the less! When they are feeling frustrated with me I guess they take time out to play with the camera. I do appreciate their help even if they don't think that I do!!!!
They did manage to take a good picture of themselves.

The finished project ....
at least until I decorated the rest of the upstairs and I did some more rearranging. I could make some money taking daily pictures of my tree and put it in a book where you could search for what is different. :)
The happy decorators - glad that the project is done!

Seriously, I love the magic of the Holiday season with all the lights and decorations! At a dark time of the year, I love that we use lights to decorate for Christmas. After all, Christ is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I look forward to attending the programs that help me to remember why we celebrate Christmas. I hope this finds you well on your way to a Merry Christmas!

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