Monday, January 24, 2011


It was so fun to have my children together for Christmas this year. I have really been missing spending time with the girls. This past year was one of change for our family. Heather got married in January and Holly moved to Arizona in August. John and I have adjusted to being empty nesters, but we really like it when we can all be together. Holly flew in on the Wednesday night before Christmas. On Thursday, we went to see the Lights on Temple Square, the play SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, and then to dinner. Heather and Brian got stuck in traffic and just barely made it in time for the play. We were so HAPPY they made it in time for the play and for dinner after. We missed them while looking at the lights.

Holly and Mom

Heather and Brian stayed over for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It was so fun all being under the same roof again. John and I truly feel blessed to have such wonderful children that we enjoy spending time with!

Heather's creative wrap job on her father's present.
(Who can guess what it was?)

Holly opening one of her gifts.

Brian with his surprise gift from Santa!

We had a GREAT Christmas this year! We are so grateful for our wonderful children and the good time that we had together.

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