Monday, January 24, 2011


TRADITIONS! Where would we be without them, right!! For as long as I can remember, Christmas Eve has always been as fun, and in some cases, funner than Christmas day. My mom started the tradition when we were younger for family to gather, EAT, have a special family home evening (that always included the Christmas story), and then EAT some more. I remember my grandparents coming and as the older siblings got married, they would come with their cute families. The excitement in the air of the anticipated arrival of Santa amongst the children and just spending time with the people you love most, makes for a very exciting evening. Some of my very best memories with my family comes from this tradition! My memories of Christmas's at my parent's home where the presents under the tree came clear out to the middle of the living room floor, because of the number of people celebrating Christmas there, will always be special ones. The last one that Mary Jane was with us, where her and Barry spent hours putting stickers on a doll house, with all of us laughing and joking will always be dear to me. I could go on and on - but back to the present!

I still love the tradition of gathering family for Christmas Eve. We feel fortunate that some of my siblings and their families don't mind joining our family for this special evening. The more the MERRIER!! This year we had lots of appetizers. So many, in fact, that no one was hungry for the soup I made. So it was decided we will just stick to appetizers next year and forget the soup. Of course we will always have all the yummy goodies to eat for dessert. We played the dice game for the adults and children. We read the Christmas story. (Is this sounding familiar?) Barry (our Santa look-a-like) read TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to all the children. But mostly, we just had a lot of fun spending time together! (thanks Mom & Dad for starting such an awesome tradition) Thanks to my family who came for helping to make this Christmas Eve so enjoyable! Maybe we will have more of you next year!

The kids playing the dice game!


  1. Oh Nancy, what would the family do without you making them all get together! I am glad you guys had such a great Christmas. We are excited to see you in March. I think it has been almost a year since we have seen anyone!

  2. NANCY!!! We didn't even know you still do this. We would have came! We were home this year and didn't get to go to Idaho for Christmas. We just had Christmas Eve with our own little family. We will be there this year if we aren't in Idaho... :) We don't ever seem to know anything going on, I don't know if it's because Pam doesn't spread the word or what. So you will have to let us know about things. :)