Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day at the Zoo with Izzy!

Since this is the last Friday for John with Izzy before he heads back to work, we thought we should do something extra fun! Izzy has really been enjoying the Fridays with Uncle John because we tend to do more fun things when he is around. We have been to see the movie RIO in 3D, visited Build-a-Bear, and went to the park as well as the normal play dates at the house. Today we decided to go to the zoo to see the animals and the dinosaur exhibit. Izzy seemed to be really excited to go and it was fun for us to take her. She kept talking about the dinosaurs, but when we got there, she really didn't want to have much to do with them.

John and Izzy starting out - She really liked the brochures they gave us at the gate.

She was excited to ride the carousel, but when I put her on an animal she freaked out. We decided it would be more fun to ride on the peacock bench with someone else. She really liked that!

Checking out a snake

Toward the end of our time at the zoo, she got a little braver. This is the closest we came to a dinosaur. She really wasn't certain she wanted to look at John for the picture, because she was keeping her eye on the pretend dino to make sure he didn't get her. Luckily, she looked at him long enough to get this picture.

So much to see!

The Mama and Baby Elephant
(in the background - not us. Izzy said we were smaller than the elephants.)

The Giraffes were fun to watch

What would a trip to the zoo be without the picture sitting on the tigers! She didn't want to get off, but I told her we had to let the other kids have a turn. The zoo was pretty crowded today!

Taking a picture of some happy zoo goers!

Riding the train on an animal safari
(as Izzy said .."Whoo - Whoo!")

Izzy - with her new animal (an elephant)
All the way home she kept saying "I love my new animal!"

Izzy got pretty tired toward the end and all she wanted was to get some cotton candy to eat later and ride the train. After we did that she wanted to go back to Nancy's house. After eating some of her cotton candy at my house (we had dino chicken nuggets at the zoo), she wanted to paint a few pictures. Then it was off to take a rest with her new friend. She also got a zoo puzzle to keep at our house and is anxious to do that after her nap!

THANKS UNCLE JOHN FOR A FUN DAY AT THE ZOO!! We will miss our play dates with you! (but we are so glad you are feeling better, even if it means you have to go back to work)

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  1. You are the cutest aunt and uncle ever!!! Can we adopt you as our family? You're the best!