Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Wedding Reception

As promised, here is the blog of Heather & Brian's reception. We had very little time between the pictures at the temple and before we had to be at the reception. Heather and Brian went with the White family to get something to eat while John and I hurried home to pick up the items we needed for the reception. The reception was at Heritage Gardens in Sandy and it was beautiful. They are the best place to work with and everything looked so nice. It was so surreal to me to think that I now had a married daughter! She truly was a beautiful bride! Her happiness glowed from within, making all the wedding preparations worth it! There were so many who came to support us and the couple at the reception that words cannot convey our deep appreciation for all the love shown. We have the BEST family and friends!!!

I think this picture captures the true happiness of the newlyweds.

Heather's cake was absolutely gorgeous! (not to mention yummy)

Heather with her Mom.
I love you, Heather!

The new and improved Wellington Family!

Brian with his very cute nieces and nephews.

Heather with her bridesmaids.

Holly - Heather - Amanda - Tiffany
(These girls have been plotting who would be maid of honor at each others weddings for a long time. All in good fun, of course!)
These are the cousins that my girls spent a lot of time with on all our Idaho visits.

I loved the train on Heather's dress.
Some of the extended family.

Chillin (literally) outside the reception center.

Cutting the cake.

They were so kind when feeding each other the cake. They had an impish gleam in their eyes, but managed to control the urge to stuff the cake in each other's mouths.

Getting some food. The food was excellent, with lots of choices.

Getting ready to throw the bouquet.

Taking it easy and visiting with family before leaving the reception.

Two of my favorite people. I sure love my girls!

Leaving, with Sarah and Chase close behind. (No, they didn't go together) They are the next to get married. Sarah is Heather's good friend from church and school.
Their fireworks send off. Heather and Brian said they were afraid they were going to get burned on their way out. They managed to leave safely to enjoy their new life together.
We are so excited to have Brian join our family and look forward to lots of fun times together as our family changes and grows.

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  1. yeah!!! I am so glad you started a blog. You'll be perfect at it.
    We think your family is the best and really enjoy you and John. Carter is SO lucky that he has you and Laura as his teachers in primary. I hear so many other parents say the same thing.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Can't wait to keep up with all you have to share.
    Love the pictures!!!